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What are the 3 things that every organization should do to be truly innovative?

Article originally posted in Killer Innovations Phil McKinney.


It seems that every organization is looking for the secrets to make their teams more innovative. Is it hiring? Or is it office space design? In this weeks Killer Innovations Show, Thomas D. Kuczmarski, president and founder of Kuczmarski Innovation and co-founder (with journalist  Dan Miller) of the Chicago Innovation Awards, shares his thoughts on what to do and what NOT to do when it comes to innovations.

The topics covered during the show include:

  • What are the three things that every organization should do to be truly innovatirs (hint: culture is one of them)
  • What are the things organizations should avoid doing (hint: money)
  • Can innovation specific compensation (innovation incentives) have an impact?
  • How does culture play a role in the innovation efforts?
  • What is the one thing to avoid when it comes to an innovation culture?
  • How hard is it for established organizations to embrace an innovation culture?
  • How do innovation awards like the Chicago Innovation Award have an impact on a region?