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New Product and Service Development

Kuczmarski Innovation employs a proven approach to developing breakthrough new products and services. We deliver a portfolio that will exceed expectations, surpassing both company and competitive benchmarks through our patented 7-Step Innovation Process.

The 7-Step Innovation Process


Set the Project Strategy

The creation of a new products or services strategy is key to our success. This strategy will help focus innovation efforts by first identifying the customer and consumer segments, trends, brands, and categories with the greatest potential for innovation success.

Uncover Customer and Consumer Insights

Before a single idea is generated, KI works with your cross-functional innovation team to gain a deep understanding of the customer or consumer context. Our proprietary ethnographic research techniques allow us to gain insights about complex behaviors and emotions to develop Problem/Opportunity Areas. These insights allow us to solve for deep customer and consumer problems and needs and to move beyond close-in improvements into the territory of true innovation.

Generate Impactful Solutions

We use the Problem/Opportunity Areas surfaced by qualitative user research in tandem with custom-built exercises to spark creativity and problem solving as the basis for Solution Generation. This rigorous approach of first understanding and then solving problems and needs effectively lowers the overall risk of innovation.

Develop Concepts and Business Cases to Build a Pipeline of New Offerings

Innovation doesn’t stop with a great idea. KI works with your team to iteratively develop and refine high-potential ideas, and turn them into development-ready concepts complete with detailed business cases. We test and shape concepts with end users to identify key benefits and optimal execution. The supporting business cases outline the target market(s), executional specifications, and expected growth potential for each concept. These concepts, combined with the ideas generated, build a pipeline of high-impact solutions.

Create and Test Prototypes

KI works with innovation teams to iteratively produce, test, and refine prototypes, ensuring the final product meets both consumer and customer expectations, as well as internal benchmarks.