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Startup Accelerator Series

For early stage companies and midsized startups seeking support in activating innovation

Kuczmarski Innovation offer a tailored workshop series for earlier stage companies to build skillsets necessary for continued growth

Kuczmarski Startup Accelerator Series

As the Founding Sponsor of Chicago Innovation, Kuczmarski Innovation has seen what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur and we offer services to companies who seek guidance and support in launching their growth. Through our tailored workshop series, you can learn how to innovate amidst the series of challenges associated with being an early stage company.

Kuczmarski Innovation Startup Accelerator modules include…

Feeding the Innovation Flame(1-day workshop)

  • Training on our 7-step innovation process; topics include…
    • Setting the innovation vision and strategic roles
    • Conducting customer/consumer research to uncover problems and needs
    • Developing solutions to high need-intensity problems
    • Concept testing with customers/consumers
    • Developing a business case
  • At the end of this 1-day workshop, you will be ready to innovate and develop solutions that fit with real customer or consumer high intensity problems and needs
  • Through this hands-on learning experience, you will understand the importance of and how to conduct qualitative and quantitative research
  • By leveraging our 7-step Innovation Process, you will be able to develop a portfolio of diversified offerings which align with your current or future brand or company positioning
  • This module is for startups who want to learn how to continue to innovate in a systematic way to cultivate steady growth

Igniting an Innovation Culture(1-day workshop)

  • Establishing a culture of innovation through agreed-upon values and norms early on will provide your organization a strong base to support future growth; this workshop teaches the importance of inculcating values and norms throughout a company’s culture, and provides the tools to develop them
  • Learn the way that award-winning authors of many books on culture, innovation, and leadership recommend that you instill innovation in your culture by developing a Values Adoption Process and a Norms Action Plan
  • This module is for startups who want to develop a high-performance culture of innovation early on

**Kuczmarski Innovation offers long term coaching in addition to each workshop to support your growth after the conclusion of the program