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Creating an Innovation Culture

Supporting the growth of your organization starts by developing and maintaining a culture of innovation. Kuczmarski Innovation works with your senior leadership team to establish values and norms that will reinforce the desired culture and address organizational structure, resource requirements, and recognition programs.

Innovation Culture

The Kuczmarski Innovation Culture Process

Kuczmarski Innovation leverages a 4-step process with our clients, first understanding ideal corporate culture, then identifying key interview and survey targets across the organization, to finally create a common set of values and norms and recommend a plan to engage employees throughout the organization. Using this systematic process, Kuczmarski Innovation has been able to establish a common set of norms that espouse the organization’s values and that are implemented at every level of the organization.


  • Define

    Discuss with senior management team the desired and intended culture; identify strengths and weaknesses of existing culture; assess employee engagement and satisfaction

  • Explore

    Conduct qualitative and quantitative research with employees and managers to understand perceptions of current and ideal corporate culture; discover key values, identify gaps, and activate the Values Adoption Process

  • Develop

    Use agreed upon common values to develop set of common norms that align with the organization’s growth goals; develop financial and non-financial recognition programs to incentivize employee engagement and activate the culture

  • Engage

    Recommend a culture communication plan and identify success metrics; share values and norms, and recognition programs throughout the organization; shared norms provide tangible and concrete signs that bolster and activate desired values

Peopleship Development Series

In this Kuczmarski Innovation workshop series, you can get hands-on experience from award-winning authors, Tom and Susan Kuczmarski, on how best to lead with a new style of leadership which puts people first – peopleship.

In this workshop series, the Kuczmarski Innovation facilitators will meet with team leaders across the organization in 3 half-day sessions over the course of 2 months. This unique learning approach enables hands-on learning and real-world application to occur.

Leveraging lessons portrayed in multiple books they wrote together, Tom and Susan have created a new approach to leadership—peopleship—which focuses on lifting people up in the organization and recognizing their efforts. In this series of workshops, attendees will learn how to integrate these learnings into their own organization in real time.

Our unique approach to training is to provide 3 half-day sessions over the course of 2 months. In between sessions, participants will be expected to apply the hands-on learning in the real world in real time. Upon returning for the next session, the facilitators will answer questions and provide feedback, guidance, and support for how to best apply the lessons learned in the course to their own organization.