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Customized Training, Seminars, and Workshops

Tom Kuczmarski has trained senior executives across the world, including at Kellogg School of Management, in creating and leading a culture of innovation. Kuczmarski Innovation leverages this 35+ year experience in training to offer tailored training, seminars, and workshops that can help your senior leadership understand and support innovation.

Kuczmarski’s Training Expertise

Tom Kuczmarski has trained senior executives across the world, through both customized workshops and seminars, as well as through his Executive Education course at the Kellogg School of Management, Creating and Leading a Culture of Innovation. Kuczmarski Innovation leverages this 35+ years of experience to develop tailored training programs, seminars, and workshops that can help your senior and mid-level leadership understand and support innovation.

Innovation Workshops and Training

Kuczmarski Innovation’s workshops and on-site training seminars will help senior management understand the basic tenets, process and mindset of innovation to effectively generate ideas for new product and service development. You will leave with an action plan of how to infuse innovation into your organization’s strategy, process and culture.

We offer a series of highly tailored workshops designed to kick-start the innovation process, give you the right tools to instill a culture of innovation, and create the appropriate roadmap toward launching new, revenue-generating products and services for your customers.


Creating an Innovation Mindset (2-Day Workshop)

  • This interactive, 2-day seminar will focus on innovation best practices and crafting a common definition for innovation at your company. We’ll work with you to create a framework for developing an innovation strategy and discuss how your organization leverages customer and consumer research to fuel new product and service development

  • At the end of the program, your managers will leave with a consistent vocabulary and understanding of our proven innovation methodology, as well as an action plan for developing an innovation process and culture in your organization

Activating the Innovation Process (2-Day Workshop)

  • In these sessions, managers will learn how to leverage our 7-Step Innovation Process to develop new-to-the-company and new-to-the-world products and services that will help organizations achieve real market successes

  • Innovation doesn’t begin with ideation; learn the techniques to base idea generation on customer/consumer insight-focused innovation efforts. You will learn how to conduct in-depth, ethnographic research to uncover high need-intensity areas of opportunity which will support problem-focused solution generation

Planning for Strategic Growth (2 Day Workshop)

  • For innovation to be successful, it has to be a part of an organization’s strategic plan. Kuczmarski Innovation offers the Planning for Strategic Growth workshop to help your senior management team identify new growth opportunities that satisfy financial and strategic goals

  • Using the insights gained from detailed conversations about management priorities, visions and growth goals, we will create a customized innovation strategy and approach to meet those short and long-term objectives. Once your leadership team solidifies the role that innovation will play in its future growth, we will help to ultimately identify the process, organizational structure, resources, and rewards programs needed to support the identified growth pathway

Cultivating an Innovation Culture (2 Day Workshop)

Learn to create and lead an organizational culture centered on innovation in this 2-day workshop for executives and business leaders.

Topics Include:

  • Creating the Innovation Culture

    Find your leadership style, deal with risk and failure, and get senior level buy-in to support innovation

  • Uncover the Leader Within

    Identify your values, create your leadership profile, and plan your leadership vision at your organization

  • Peopleship

    Learn to deliver effective praise, create an action plan designed for employee recognition and rewards

  • Values-Based Leadership

    Learn leadership values from effective leaders, reinvigorate your staff and work environment

  • Leading from Behind

    Service Organizations – Make people integral to your culture, inspire your workers, add value to your customer’s experience

  • Activating a Leadership and Culture Plan

    Develop a culture that allows you to generate growth, create a human capital driven leadership strategy