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Creating and Communicating a Brand Strategy

The most successful innovations not only deliver on untapped customer needs, but also fit within the confines of the overall brand strategy. Understanding what your brand stands for today as well as its plans for future development is integral to supporting the overall growth of your organization.

Brand Strategy and Awareness

Understanding Current Brand Perceptions

The first step toward growing your brand is identifying what the brand currently stands for. Kuczmarski Innovation will conduct qualitative interviews to uncover customer and non-customer perceptions of your brand, as well as competitive brands, to build a Brand Persona. This allows you to understand your brand’s perceived strengths and capabilities, know where you stack up against competition, and identify new avenues for growth and development.

Recommendations for Future Positioning

By leveraging data uncovered from qualitative research, the KI team will make recommendations for brand positioning to differentiate your organization from the competition. Along with new brand positioning, KI will also explore categories or types of new products and services that can support the future growth and differentiation of the brand.