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Kuczmarski Innovation’s ServicesGrowth Through Innovation

When we ask “What’s your innovation strategy?” we’re often met with puzzled looks. To many, innovation is a buzzword with no clear practical application or it’s a one-time task to cross off the ‘To Do’ list when timing and resources are just right. Unfortunately, the timing will never be ‘right’ without a proactive approach and a disciplined innovation process.

That’s where we come in.


We are the leading management consulting firm specializing in new product, service, and business model development through innovation. We work with your senior management team to better understand your business and industry to help integrate innovation into your organization’s strategy and processes. Through our tailored approach, we are able to provide you with the tools necessary to create new value for your customers, be they external or internal.

Innovation Strategy, Process, and Culture

Kuczmarski Innovation can help your organization define and implement a customized innovation strategy to set the stage for innovation success, and provide the process and culture-building tools to make it happen

The 7-Step Innovation Process

For 35+ years, Kuczmarski Innovation has been supporting innovation efforts through a systematic and disciplined process, which begins with customer problems and needs, and ends with a diverse portfolio of breakthrough new products and services

Brand Strategy and Awareness-Building

We work with companies to establish the right brand strategy for their unique position in the marketplace relative to competition, and provide recommendations for differentiated growth and improved awareness

Customized Training, Seminars, and Workshops

Utilizing four decades of experience in executive education and practical management training, Kuczmarski Innovation can work with your organization to successfully build a widespread culture of innovation

Creating an Innovation Culture

Supporting the growth of your organization starts by developing and maintaining a culture of innovation. Kuczmarski Innovation works with your senior leadership team to establish values and norms that that will reinforce the desired culture and address organizational structure, resource requirements, and recognition programs

Chicago Ecosystem Tour

A 2 day immersion tour for leadership teams that showcases Chicago’s innovative incubators, engages the city’s thought leaders and entrepreneurs, and shares best practices on understanding and creating an innovative culture

Startup Accelerator Series

For early stage companies and midsized startups seeking support in activating innovation

Kuczmarski Innovation offer a tailored workshop series for earlier stage companies to build skillsets necessary for continued growth