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Grow Through Innovation

When we ask “What’s your innovation strategy?” we’re often met with puzzled looks. To many, innovation is a buzzword with no clear practical application or it’s a one-time task to cross off the ‘To Do’ list when timing and resources are just right. Unfortunately, the timing will never be ‘right’ without a proactive approach and a disciplined innovation process.

That’s where we come in.

We are the leading management consulting firm specializing in product, service, and business model development through innovation. We work with your senior management team to better understand your business and industry to help define your innovation strategy and provide you with the tools necessary to create new value for your customers, be they external or internal.

KI’s expertise in all areas of innovation, combined with our clients’ company and industry-specific knowledge, help us deliver relevant and implementable results. KI professionals take an active role in all of our client engagements, offering the advice and insight that guarantees your success.

At the heart of our innovation success is the ability to identify high-potential opportunities. KI conducts thorough consumer and customer-based research to identify the risks that will result in the greatest reward.

KI works with its clients to deliver tangible results that directly accelerate growth. Our innovation strategies and development processes are proven to yield success at rates far greater than unguided internal efforts. Our new product or service portfolios will generate quantitatively tested results that surpass both company and competitive benchmarks.

Innovation Strategy

Successful innovation starts with a well-developed Innovation Strategy, complete with Innovation Vision, Strategic Roles, Growth Goals, and Screening Criteria. Learn more about implementing a customized innovation strategy and the four core components that set the stage for innovation success.

New Product and Service Development

Innovations solve problems. KI utilizes a systematic and disciplined process to uncover unmet needs and opportunities for developing winning solutions. Learn more about developing a portfolio of breakthrough new products or services to fuel your company’s growth.

Innovation Culture

Innovation starts with top management support and is supported by the right resources, reward structure and metrics. Learn more about creating an effective culture of innovation for your organization’s long-term, sustainable innovation success.

Innovation Coaching and Training

KI Innovation Workshops are highly tailored to each organization’s unique needs and the size and scope of the audience. Jumpstart the innovation process with a customized training workshop or executive coaching for your senior management team.


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