Live It (Innovation Culture)

People are the lifeblood of innovation and they can only propel it forward in an environment that supports and encourages their efforts. Culture is an essential, but often overlooked, component for an organization’s long-term, sustainable innovation success.

Culture Is Not Fixed

Companies tend to view culture as a static characteristic. We disagree. At Kuczmarski Innovation, we know there are practical, tangible steps you can take to build an innovation culture and mindset.

From decades of experience, we have analyzed the characteristics of the world’s most innovative companies, translating these best practices into the key components necessary to imagine, instill, involve, and inspire a culture of innovation.

Building Blocks of Culture

The first of the four building blocks – a consistent, shared vision – is key to instilling the culture needed for successful innovation. This vision must be communicated at the CEO level and exhibited through employee behavior. It should be tangible and visible to anyone who walks into the company what that company or brand stands for.

The organizational structure, resource commitments, and teams required must be properly allocated for a company’s innovation to be a success. Decision makers also need to nurture a risk-taking environment and vocalize their support for innovation.

Employees at all levels should be trained in the innovation process. Successes as well as failures should be properly celebrated in order to forward innovation progress and maintain employee involvement.

Recognition programs reinforce company values and inspire employees. By celebrating both successes and failures, these programs encourage teams to perform at their best.

Kuczmarski Innovation works with clients to assess company culture and build an innovation culture through these four building blocks. KI can create an Innovation Strategy, Culture Vision, and help your company organize resources, teams, and leaders to instill a culture of innovation.


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