Learn It (Innovation Workshops and Training)

Kuczmarski Innovation’s workshops and on-site training seminars will help senior management understand the basic tenets, process, and mindset of innovation to effectively generate ideas for new product and service development.

Customized Workshops

We offer a series of highly tailored workshops designed to kick-start the innovation process, give you the right tools to instill a culture of innovation, and create the appropriate roadmap toward launching new, revenue-generating products or services for your customers.

Our most common workshop formats are as follows:

Creating An Innovation Mindset (1-Day) — For Senior Cross-Functional Managers

This interactive, daylong seminar will focus on innovation best practices and craft a common definition for innovation at your company. We’ll create a framework for developing an innovation strategy and discuss customer-centric approaches to new product or service development for your organization.

By the end of the program, your managers will have a consistent vocabulary and understanding with which to address innovation as well as the strategies for enhancing the innovation process and supporting an innovation culture.

Strategic Growth Planning (2 Days) – For Senior Executives

Our two-day Strategic Growth Planning workshop focuses on growth potential through innovation. KI, along with senior management teams, will identify new growth opportunities that satisfy financial and strategic goals. We’ll then craft an innovation strategy and an approach for validating those potential opportunities. The strategy and research will allow us to help your organization ultimately identify the process, organization structure, resources, and rewards needed to support the growth options.

Innovation Immersion (2 Days) — For Innovation Project Teams

A two-day, hands-on workshop that dives into our 7-Step Innovation Process, which breaks down the innovation path from initial conception (“Creating the Game Plan and Portfolio”) through executed completion (“Launch Into Market”), all while highlighting crucial customer touch points along the way.

We’ll also develop a specific 90-Day Work Plan for Innovation Success that includes “How-To’s” for jumpstarting the innovation process, techniques for securing resources and senior management support, and methods for leveraging cross-functional inputs. Our ultimate goal is to leave you with the practical skills, templates, and next steps for executing the innovation process and guidelines for developing a timeline, work plan, and budget for your innovation initiatives.

KI's Innovation Incubators

Jump-Start Your Innovation Efforts and Develop a Comprehensive Plan In Just Two Days

Kuczmarski Innovation has developed a series of 2-day innovation Incubators that will allow KI consultants to assess and analyze your company’s existing innovation progress and collaborate with key players at the appropriate levels to create a results-oriented, actionable plan for your team to execute.

With over 30 years of expertise and experience working with world-class innovation companies, we are able to effectively tailor each of our 2-Day Innovation Incubators to your organization’s specific needs. Under the guidance of Tom Kuczmarski and our expert team of consultants, these programs will help save you months of time and effort and, ultimately, increase your overall chances for innovation success.

Our 2‐day incubator series includes:

Senior Management Incubators (For up to 10 Sr. Executives)

Creating an Innovation Blueprint Incubator

Developing an innovation vision

Identifying strategic roles for innovation
Crafting a financial growth gap
Creating screening criteria to evaluate ideas and concepts
Developing a resource plan for people and expenditures

Designing metrics to measure the impact of innovation

Planning an Innovation Culture Incubator

Developing an innovation strategy with a vision for culture, desired values, and norms
Instilling an organizational structure through dedicated resources, cross‐ functional teams, and governance
Committing leaders to training and communication
Developing recognition programs, rewards, and achievement metrics

Identifying New Growth Opportunities Incubator

Identifying a 5‐year growth vision
Brainstorming growth opportunities in relation to current and new business options and acquisitions
Developing a resource plan for people and expenditures

Designing metrics to measure the impact of innovation
Crafting a 5‐year growth plan summary

Building The Innovation Team and Actionable Plan Incubator (For All Cross-­Functional Team Members)

Producing effective innovation work‐plans and timelines
Aligning company best practices to innovation best practices
Drafting an innovation 
blueprint linked with ideal 
implementation methodologies

Formulating action steps for implementing KI's 7‐step process

Leading and delegating roles and responsibilities for your innovation team
Engaging in a real‐world customer interviewing experience


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