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Elements of Innovation

Return on Innovation

One of the best ways to make sure that your innovation efforts are being successful is to measure the ROI - Return on Innovation

Connecting Companies of all Sizes

Tom Kuczmarski talks about the importance of connecting with startups who are developing innovations outside your organization

Ingredients of an Innovator

To be an innovator, you need curiosity, confidence, and creative problem solving

The Power of Storytelling

Whether trying to attract the attention of CEOs or investors, you may want to revisit the way you tell your story

Senior Management Buy-In

Senior managers can actively help bolster a culture of innovation by championing innovation

Building Social Capital

Luke Tanen from Chicago Innovation discusses the importance of building a community - social capital - to ensure innovation success

Intellectual Property

Having a strong IP portfolio is one of the best ways to keep your competitive advantage

The Value of Feedback

As an entrepreneur, you must be ready to pivot. Fall in love with the problem, not the solution

Gender Equity and Innovation

Luke Tanen discusses the need for different opinions and perspectives to fuel innovation

Entrepreneurs and Relationships

Entrepreneurs need to build relationships and establish a support system to succeed

Embracing Risks

Companies who seek to innovate need to be comfortable with taking calculated risks with disruptive solutions that address customer problems, issues, and needs

Innovation Culture

Creating a Culture of Innovation

For innovation, companies need to work hard to develop a widespread culture of innovation.

Defining a Culture in an Organization

An innovation culture requires a leadership team that exemplifies the behaviors that they want to see in the organization

Culture Shift Barriers

Shifting an organizational culture can be difficult if we don’t listen to individuals to generate shared values.

Corporate and Family Values

To create a positive innovation culture, you must clarify, agree upon, and accept organizational values

Innovation in Chicago

2018 Chicago Innovation Award Winners

Tom Kuczmarski discusses the 2018 Chicago Innovation Awards on WBBM's Noon Business Hour

What’s Trending From Chicago’s Innovators

Each year, the Chicago Innovation Awards receives over 500 nominees, providing insight into trends happening here in Chicago

The Practical Innovator

We created the course, the Practical Innovator, to help teach innovation best practices

Chicago’s #1 List

Chicago’s innovation ecosystem is paving the way for cities across the country; let’s explore Chicago’s list of number ones.

6 Pillars of the Chicago Innovation Ecosystem

Chicago has become a global hub of innovation thanks to 6 key factors within the ecosystem

Chicago Innovation Awards

The Chicago Innovation Awards showcases companies and innovations that are the most creative, entrepreneurial, and innovative

Case for Amazon in Chicago

Chicago currently boasts more corporate relocations than any other city in the United States

Chicago’s University Powerhouses

Our universities create real innovators that reinvest in the Chicago Innovation Ecosystem

Common Startup Challenges

Chicago Innovation's events help foster a community of entrepreneurs within Chicago that support one another through similar challenges

Innovation Strategy

Innovation Success Rate

You don't want your innovation success rate to be too high because that means you aren't taking enough risk.

Make Innovation a Part of Your Growth Strategy

The innovation strategy can allow a company to plan for a major portion of their financial returns to come from new products and services.

Slow Growth from Low Risk

If your organization's growth has slowed, it may be because you are not taking enough risk


Gender Gap in Corporate Leadership

Celebrate and promote the incredibly successful Chicago women in business and innovation.

Combating Job Dissatisfaction

Vocalizing appreciation for employees can help managers retain their best talent

7 Ways to Praise

Incorporate praise into your daily culture to engage and motivate your employees

Types of Innovation

Innovations in Food Service

Every industry has the capacity to be disrupted by new services, technologies and offerings, and food service is no exception.

Innovation Through Reinvention

Reinvention can foster economic growth through innovation

Technology Trends in 2018

To become a successful innovator, you must stay on top of the biggest trends in technology

Public Private Partnership

The public sector plays an important role in inspiring innovation through connecting with private institutions