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Published Books

Lifting People UpThe Power of Recognition

By: Susan Smith Kuczmarski, Thomas D. Kuczmarski

People are the heart and soul of every organization, and a management style designed to appeal to an organization’s most important resource (its people) is well overdo. Lifting People Up describes new kind of leadership model that focuses on getting the most out of employees through effective use of praise and recognition, what the authors call “peopleship.”

Filled with stories from interviews with top-level industry and cultural leaders, the authors weave research and practical experience to demonstrate the importance (and potential pitfalls) of incorporating praise and recognition into daily practice and culture at any organization, and break down the tools to allow anyone from the CEO to a lower-level employee to more effectively recognize the efforts and successes of their peers.

Innovating… Chicago Style

By: Thomas D. Kuczmarski, Dan Miller, Luke Tanen, Rahm Emanuel

The Chicago region is home to a breadth of innovation that cuts across industries, whether it be high-tech, low-tech, no-tech, big company, little company, for-profit or not-for-profit. In Innovating Chicago-Style, readers will explore the most innovative new products and services that have given rise from the Chicago region over the past decade – a period marked by explosive growth and change.

Every innovation showcased in this book has won the coveted Chicago Innovation Award, thereby cementing its status as a symbol of the creative spirit of the Chicago region.

In this series of descriptive accounts, the reader will discover why each innovation was selected as a winner of the Chicago Innovation Awards. Each detailed profile will highlight the all-important consumer need or want that is being addressed. The authors identify the uniqueness of the innovation and uncover its break-through moment. By talking with the founders and originators of each innovation, you will learn the fascinating stories of how the idea even came to be. And lastly, but perhaps most importantly, the authors reveal the extent of the innovation’s impact on society – whether it be financial or otherwise. This is how we mark the difference between invention and innovation.

Apples Are SquareThinking Differently About Leadership Foreward by Deepak Chopra

By: Susan Smith Kuczmarski, Thomas D. Kuczmarski

Learn firsthand what makes 25 of America’s most respected leaders – including Craig Newmark, founder of craigslist; Charles Lewis, founder of the Center for Public Integrity; Carol Bernick, Chairman of the Board and Director of Alberto Culver; and Dipak Jain, dean of Northwestern University’s Kellogg School – effective in their lives and work.

In Apples Are Square, the insights of these visionary leaders, and many others, are distilled into a new model for leadership guided by six uncommon qualities – humility, compassion, transparency, inclusiveness, collaboration, and values-based decisiveness. Discover how the step-by-step “Peopleship” formula can help you manage an organization and make profits without leaving your humanity at the office door. Take your bruised work environment, cut off the bad spots, and reshape it into a dynamic, inclusive, and collaborative organization today.

InnovationLeadership Strategies for the Competitive Edge

By: Thomas D. Kuczmarski

Virtually every executive talks about it and many try to do it, but innovation is an elusive goal.

In this book, Tom Kuczmarski examines the problems senior management face in fostering and managing new ideas, and shows that innovation is not only a process, but also a mindset.

He presents results-oriented programs to improve the bottom line, incorporating leadership strategies, ways to overcome resistance, and techniques for meeting goals. He defines and explains management styles and uses examples of success and failure to show that companies can gain a competitive advantage when they take true risks and understand that failure can be an acceptable consequence of risk.

Managing New ProductsUsing the MAP System to Accelerate Growth

By: Thomas D. Kuczmarski

This 3rd edition of Tom Kuczmarski’s landmark book broadens and deepens the message of its predecessors – that the right new products program can produce exponential growth… if all the pieces are in place with the introduction of a revolutionary new approach whose greatest strengths are its simplicity, effectiveness, and proven results. The MAP System is a remarkably simple yet effective way of organizing for new product innovation by looking differently at the skills and tools that are already present in every organization, but are too often under-utilized or not used at all.

Key elements include:

  • M – for Measure, Manage, and Motivate
  • A – for the Attitude that creates a Culture of Intelligent Risk-Taking
  • P – for Plan, Process, and People

Armed with this disciplined approach to creativity and newness, you will create a consistent stream of winners – and maybe even the kind of breakthrough product innovation that creates an entire new business unit or industry – for your company.

Values-Based LeadershipRebuilding Employee Commitment, Performance, and Productivity

By: Susan Smith Kuczmarski

Tom and Susan Kuczmarski’s book addresses the effect of “anomie” – anthropologist Emile Durkheim’s term for disillusionment, isolation and hopelessness – on the profitability of companies. The authors present research to show the enormous costs anomie incurs, and how shared leadership and a “values-ful” company culture can reduce these costs.

“The senior managements of American businesses have probably never even considered that anomie’s effects: low moral, stifled innovation, poor customer service and disrupted organizational structure, can indeed be measured in specific, people-related costs,” states Tom Kuczmarski. Values-Based Leadership is the answer.

Innovating the CorporationCreating Value for Customers and Shareholders

By: Thomas D. Kuczmarski, Arthur Middlebrooks, Jeffrey Swaddling

This book is about the innovation revolution. Corporate leaders are finally recognizing that innovating their corporations is no longer a choice, but rather that it is an imperative for survival and a prerequisite for sustainable growth.

Unfortunately, numerous barriers and issues often prevent innovation from taking hold within an organization. Innovating the Corporation presents a systematic approach for building and infusing innovation into multibillion-dollar companies and inculcating them with the values and mind-set necessary for success.