Following the Customer Problem Journey

Innovation through Empathy

Ideas Fail.

Problems Don’t.

Become an expert in your customer's biggest problems and guide them from frustration to solution
Uncover customer intentions, motivations, and pain points
Understand why your customers choose your company among competitors

FIND Process

The FIND process allows us to identify the root cause of some of customer’s most profound unmet problems


Identify Project Scope and determine ideal customer profile to better understand problem journey


Discover existing unmet problems and needs among key stakeholders, as well as their experiences through the problem-solution process


Uncover root causes of problems and frustrations; understand pathways to ideal solutions


Chart Customer Problem Journey Map and identify opportunities for new solutions, experience improvements, and targeted communications

The Customer Problem Journey Map provides a more wholesome understanding of customer/consumer needs which can allow companies to…

Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Bring new, adjacent offerings to existing customers by solving problems in multi-faceted ways

Improve Customer Retention

Empathize with customers to understand and target times when they are most vulnerable to switch or leave

Develop Better Solutions

Become a knowledge source for struggling customers, and create products and services that fully solve their complex problems

What is the Customer Problem Journey?

The Customer Problem Journey is a new way to step inside the shoes of your customers to completely understand their problems, needs, and priorities when making purchasing decisions.  By understanding the root causes of their problems and the path they take to find solutions, you can learn how to best position your product, service, or brand to become a more complete solution for their issues.  Understand different customer contexts to better tailor solutions and communications, and become the must-have solution that separates you from competition. 

Touchpoints & Contexts

The Customer Problem Journey begins with your customers at the moment they begin to experience a problem, frustration, or pain point, and follows them all the way through the process of solving their issues.  Through this lens, you will understand the various customer contexts throughout the problem-solution journey, and be able to tailor communications and new products/services.  Beat out competition by providing the most holistic, empathetic solutions to your customers’ most pressing problems.

Customer Context Examples


“It looks like I might be having a problem.”


“I just figured out what my problem is.”


“How do I solve this problem?”

Choice Reduction

“What is the right type of solution for me?”

Current Solutions/Competitive Landscape

“What is currently available to solve this problem?”

In-Store Purchasing Criteria

“How do I choose between these potential options in front of me?”

Use & Resolution

“My experience using this solution could have been improved.”

Customer Support

“I need help using the solution I chose.”


“I am having the same problem again, should I go back to the same solution or try something new?”

The Customer Problem Journey Map can be applied to multiple key stakeholders and provide benefits across functions throughout the organization

Focuses for Customer Problem Journey


Target specific regions, demographics, or profiles


Solve problems for your most important assets

Internal Employees

Identify ways to improve engagement, retention, and satisfaction


Build relationships and strategic alliances with key stakeholders

Multi-Functional Benefits

Innovation Teams

Identify areas for new solutions to unmet problems

Customer Service

Improve customer empathy and deliver faster solutions


Tailor communications to better fit customer priorities


Understand customer perceptions and new engagement opportunities

The capabilities to create the future.

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