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Building Trust: Critical Currency in a Competitive Job Market

Article originally posted in Xpert HR Blog Linda Pophal.

Trust in major institutions is at an all-time low. The 2019 Edelman Trust Barometer revealed 9-point drop in trust among the general public—and a 23-point drop among the “informed public.” “The United States is enduring an unprecedented crisis of trust,” said Richard Edelman, the company’s president and CEO. That distrust trickles its way down into the workplace.

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The Values Gap: From China to Zappos

When the values held by a few people at the top of an organization do not fit or match the values of employees below them, this will generate problems within the overall company culture. This gap in values will often manifest itself in many different undesirable and detrimental ways. In our newest book Lifting People

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This is how Google motivates its employees

Article originally posted in Fast Company Stephanie Vozza.

Google is consistently rated as being a top employer, and the culture it created helps to attract and retain top talent. The company optimizes its talent by designing and motivating strong teams—an ability that is essential to be successful, says Robert Bruce Shaw, author of Extreme Teams: Why Pixar, Netflix, Airbnb, and Other Cutting-Edge Companies

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How to Motivate and Engage Employees Through Praise and Rewards Programs

Article originally posted in Talent Economy Tom Kuczmarski.

Building employee engagement requires a strong company culture that focuses on rewards and praise. Employee engagement is a code that has consistently been difficult for companies of all industries to crack. Studies have shown that increases in engagement and retention yield significant growth in production as well as savings to the bottom line. Whether the

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Why Chicago doesn’t need to emulate Silicon Valley

Article originally posted in Crain's | Chicago Business Tom Kuczmarski.

I’ve been involved in efforts to help build Chicago’s innovation ecosystem for more than two decades, but I always welcome an outside perspective that suggests how we could do better. It was with that in mind that I read Thomas Day’s commentary published here on March 15, titled “The day after the day Chicago doesn’t

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15 years of Chicago Innovation: Where the city stands today

Article originally posted in Chicago Tribune Tom Kuczmarski.

One of the handiest words in the world of business is “innovation.” It is right up there with “new and improved” as a shorthand way of describing just about anything. What a disservice to a word that has formed the underpinning of a massive shift in the entire business landscape. And no place is that

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5 Most Common Mistakes Innovators Make When Submitting To Innovation Competitions?

Article originally posted in Killer Innovations Phil McKinney.

Winning innovation competitions or innovation awards can be a major achievement and proof of you and your teams ability to innovate. Which innovation competitions or awards should you submit to? Are there any downsides to submitting and winning a competition or an award? In this weeks show of Killer Innovations, we discuss the structures and thinking behind

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In or out: How should a company source its innovation

Click here for original text: In banking, as well as any industry, the decision between outsourcing and insourcing innovation is a delicate balance between a company’s internal knowledge, resources, and expertise in innovation vs the incremental cost for acquiring outside knowledge. The main benefit of outsourcing innovation to a consultancy is that it allows an

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