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The Power of Public Praise

When talking to an employee about the work they have done, it is important to understand the implications of the audience to the feedback you are giving. While constructive criticism is best given in private, praising a colleague or employee’s good work is something that deserves public attention. There are many benefits to communicating praise

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Finding a Balance Through Disciplined Freedom

The phrase “disciplined freedom” may at first appear to champion a set of two inconsistent ideals. When people think of discipline, they usually think of rigidity, both in rules and structure. Freedom elicits thoughts of bountiful choice and independence – almost the exact opposite. However, there is a middle ground that exists between the two.

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New Leadership Guide Unearths the Benefits of ‘Peopleship’ in the Workplace

Article originally posted in Independent Publisher

BY CRAIG MANNING / AUGUST 2018 Unemployment in the United States is currently hovering around 4 percent. As tends to happen, this recent trend of low unemployment has created something of a job seeker’s market. In many fields, there are more jobs than there are qualified people to fill them. As a result, it’s fallen

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The Benefits of Deep Listening

In an increasingly digital world, the prevalence of face to face conversations and even phone conversations have decreased. As the norm changes, the need to be an active, deep listener has become more important than ever. While it is the role of the speaker to convey the message that they are trying to communicate, the

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Activating an Innovation Culture

What does it mean to have an “Innovation Culture?” For some, it can mean open floor plans and shared desk spaces, beer in the fridge and casual dress. For others, a culture of innovation is found in workplaces where people are constantly building the next cutting-edge technology or software to disrupt their markets. In my

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Helping Others Find Their Voice

Fostering growth in your employees and encouraging them to speak up and find their voice is key to cultivating a community of problem solvers. Helping your employees to find their voice is one of the most powerful leadership techniques you can employ. Once everyone in your organization feels able and encouraged to speak up, your

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