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Thought Leadership Articles

Unconventional Management Strategies That Work

Article originally posted in Bennett Conlin.

Learn how to implement surprising management tips to boost team performance. When you look at successful businesses, you often see a strong team behind that success. From high-level executives to interns, businesses with cooperative and supportive team members tend to perform better than groups where team members are more focused on individual interests. Team cohesion

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The Values Gap: From China to Zappos

When the values held by a few people at the top of an organization do not fit or match the values of employees below them, this will generate problems within the overall company culture. This gap in values will often manifest itself in many different undesirable and detrimental ways. In our newest book Lifting People

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This is how Google motivates its employees

Article originally posted in Fast Company Stephanie Vozza.

Google is consistently rated as being a top employer, and the culture it created helps to attract and retain top talent. The company optimizes its talent by designing and motivating strong teams—an ability that is essential to be successful, says Robert Bruce Shaw, author of Extreme Teams: Why Pixar, Netflix, Airbnb, and Other Cutting-Edge Companies

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The Power of Public Praise

When talking to an employee about the work they have done, it is important to understand the implications of the audience to the feedback you are giving. While constructive criticism is best given in private, praising a colleague or employee’s good work is something that deserves public attention. There are many benefits to communicating praise

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How to Motivate and Engage Employees Through Praise and Rewards Programs

Article originally posted in Talent Economy Tom Kuczmarski.

Building employee engagement requires a strong company culture that focuses on rewards and praise. Employee engagement is a code that has consistently been difficult for companies of all industries to crack. Studies have shown that increases in engagement and retention yield significant growth in production as well as savings to the bottom line. Whether the

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Finding a Balance Through Disciplined Freedom

The phrase “disciplined freedom” may at first appear to champion a set of two inconsistent ideals. When people think of discipline, they usually think of rigidity, both in rules and structure. Freedom elicits thoughts of bountiful choice and independence – almost the exact opposite. However, there is a middle ground that exists between the two.

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New Leadership Guide Unearths the Benefits of ‘Peopleship’ in the Workplace

Article originally posted in Independent Publisher

BY CRAIG MANNING / AUGUST 2018 Unemployment in the United States is currently hovering around 4 percent. As tends to happen, this recent trend of low unemployment has created something of a job seeker’s market. In many fields, there are more jobs than there are qualified people to fill them. As a result, it’s fallen

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