In response to significant interest in KI Innovation Workshops, we have expanded our training offerings to include three new programs specifically suited for each functional level of your organization.

Innovation Training

KI Innovation Workshops are highly tailored to each organization’s unique needs and the size and scope of the audience. KI conducts a series of focused interviews with members of the organization prior to your workshop to gather insight into the client context, frame the organization’s current state of innovation, and tailor our work to best meet the needs of the group. Our three workshops include:


The Power of Innovation and Best Practices (1/2 Day) — For Senior Management

An interactive and collaborative 2 or 4 hour session focused on:

  • Innovation Best Practices from related industries
  • Innovation strategies for value creation
  • Creating a Culture of Innovation

Key take aways:

  • A consistent vocabulary and understanding with which to address innovation
  • Defined Innovation Vision, Strategic Roles, Innovation Playing Field, Financial Growth Goals, and Screening Criteria
  • Strategies for enhancing the Innovation Process and supporting an Innovation Culture


Igniting Innovation and Creating An Innovation Mindset (1 Day) — For Cross-Functional Leaders

An interactive daylong seminar focused on:

  • Activating the market-centric 7-Step Innovation Process
  • Organizing the managing teams for innovation success
  • Defining innovation opportunities
  • Leading for successful innovation

Key take aways:

  • An actionable roadmap to begin the Innovation Process
  • Defined leadership roles and duties to ensure innovation success


Innovation Immersion (2 Days) — For Innovation Project Teams

A 2 day hands-on workshop focused on:

Executing the 7-Step Innovation Process, including:

  • Defining Innovation Vision and Strategy
  • Identifying market needs and opportunities
  • Using market insights to develop innovative solutions
  • Optimizing innovation concepts through qualitative research
  • Shaping prototypes and finalizing business cases
  • Entering into test markets
  • Launching innovations

The 90-Day Work Plan for Innovation Success that provides:

  • Techniques for securing adequate resources and generating senior management support
  • “How-To’s” for jumpstarting the innovation process and mapping out an effective innovation plan
  • Methods for leveraging cross-functional inputs throughout the process

Key Take Aways:

  • Practical skills, templates, and next steps for executing the Innovation Process
  • Guidelines for developing a timeline, workplan, and budget for Innovation Initiatives


Innovation Coaching

KI professionals are experienced thought leaders and trainers on the topic of innovation. We are innovation practicioners, and use our years of real-world experiences in developing Innovation Strategies, implementing Innovation Cultures, and developing New Products, Services, and Business to talk to executives about Innovation Best Practices and how to jumpstart innovation in their organizations. We do both individual executive coaching as well as team coaching.

Call (312-988-1539) or e-mail ([email protected]) us to find out how a customized Innovation Workshop or Coaching Project can help you achieve your innovation goals