Innovation Experts

Kuczmarski Innovation is the foremost management consulting firm specializing in accelerating growth through innovation.



KI’s expertise in all areas of innovation, combined with our clients’ company and industry-specific knowledge, help us deliver relevant and implementable results. KI professionals take an active role in all of our client engagements, offering the advice and insight that guarantees your success.


At the heart of our innovation success is the ability to identify high-potential opportunities. KI conducts thorough consumer and customer-based research to identify the risks that will result in the greatest reward. Our proven approach to innovation, the expertise of our consultants, and our knowledge of your company and customers allow us to identify the opportunities that produce breakthrough results.


KI works with its clients to deliver tangible results that directly accelerate their growth. Our innovation strategies and development processes are proven to yield successes at rates far greater than internal efforts. Our new product or service portfolios will generate quantitatively tested results that surpass both company and competitive benchmarks.


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Letter from Tom Kuczmarski

Since 1983, Kuczmarski Innovation has been helping companies and organizations accelerate their growth through innovation. And, we continue to do so today.
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Our Team

Our success, and that of our clients, depends on the team of consultants who make up Kuczmarski Innovation. KI works with a wide range of innovation experts to bring you the optimal mix of skills, expertise, and talents to address your specific challenges and achieve your innovation goals.
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